SKÅL International Albany / Upstate New York

Membership Benefits


While our name is Skal Albany, our reach is from Westchester throughout all of New York State.


Network with the key influencers: Whether locally or globally, making meaningful connections with the top players in the Travel, Hospitality & Tourism industry stands as a pillar of success for Skal Albany. By connecting with clients and associates in a friendly and social environment, Skal offers a different, more meaningful approach to networking.

Lifelong Friends


It takes time to nurture relationships: Get involved – don’t just ‘show up’. You get back more than you invest by standing out, sparking conversation with fellow members, and playing an active role in Skal events. Accelerate the process through peer connections and introductions, because as the saying goes, “it’s who you know”. Skal members are the ones to know.


You can reach top suppliers and partners globally: Friends doing business together in a very social environment is at the heart of Skal’s design. Most organizations are vertically integrated, while Skal is the only international horizontal organization truly linking all aspects, roles, and industries of travel and tourism in an informal setting that fosters sincere friendships and business success.

What goes on outside your club is equally important: Members are encouraged to attend congresses and club events in other markets. As a member, you are encouraged to attend Skal event’s outside of your city. Members may attend any Skal event, anytime, and anywhere in the world.

Place your business on the world map: By identifying your brand and business with Skal you will immediately be recognized by fellow members. Carry the Skal brand and logo on your marketing and business communications materials and social media links to connect to a diverse network of top travel and trade professionals today.

Have a world travel service in your pocket: Reach out to fellow Skal members when travelling to any community. Connect on a personal level with ‘local’ contacts through the Skal Greeter program and gain access to travel discounts and members’ exclusive offers. With a notable presence at world travel markets, trade fairs, Congresses, look for the Skal branding and take advantage of entirely new travel opportunities.


Become a better person in your business and your career: Many long-standing members offer an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience to offer as mentors. Experience professional development opportunities and educational programs, as well as information mentorship with your Skal peers. Focus on those who have succeeded and own their own businesses, and apply these lessons to the success of your business.

Get Blown Away with Fun Events: Skal events add even more value to your membership. Whether overnight getaways, golf adventures, VIP invites, dinner parties, tickets for special concert events with VIP experiences, mystery dinners, or joint events with other clubs, the opportunities to connect, unwind, and have some fun are impossible to beat.

Make a difference in the world: Skal supports many important social initiatives, recognizing sustainable tourism, youth sex trade protection, tourism disaster recovery efforts, and development of young tourism professionals. Skal also offers financial support to members in times of need. This embedded generosity in the Skal philosophy was established in memory of the founder of Skal, Florimond Volckaert.